Although NERN may be involved in various projects and programs, the heart and soul of our organization are found in the Equine Welfare Grant Program (EWG) and the Resource Network (RN).


Generally, rescues and sanctuaries operate on a very tight budget, barely making ends meet. Any unexpected expense can push their already stretched dollars to the breaking point. This program will help existing (or pending) 501c3 equine welfare organizations that demonstrate a need, to bridge the gap.

Grant Programs:

Gelding Fund – With fewer homes available for horses, it is critical that we work to reduce population growth. NERN is helping to reduce the surplus horse population by providing funding for gelding programs.

Euthanasia Fund – Sadly, horses that are suffering are not always granted the mercy of euthanasia. More often than not, it is because of the costs involved. This grant program assists with the cost of euthanizing a horse that has been diagnosed with a chronic or critical injury or illness that is untreatable, will cause the horse to suffer, or where quality of life is significantly diminished.

Hay Fund – This is probably the most basic, and often the most urgent, need for any rescue organization. Our hay fund is designed to assist in areas where drought or other issues have greatly impacted the costs and/or availability of hay, and/or when rescues are facing severe financial hardship.

Emergency Medical Fund – Sometimes the only thing that stands between life and death is the ability to pay for life-saving medical assistance. This grant program helps cover extraordinary, life-saving surgeries or treatments, such as colic, fractures, birthing issues, etc.

Disaster Fund – When disaster strikes, even the most prepared are often left picking up the pieces. NERN offers grant funds to assist in areas hit by natural or man made disaster.

All grant applicants are required to submit a copy of their tax exempt letter, or letter of acknowledgement of 501c3 application, from the IRS to be eligible for a grant. Additionally, grant recipients may need to provide a report to show how the grant funds were utilized.


This program is currently “under construction.” A preview of upcoming features is noted below. Please check back often for updates and the Grand Opening date!

A key objective of NERN is to fill a critical role of providing resources to new and existing rescues or sanctuaries. Currently many are struggling with high expenses, low donations, and a never-ending supply of horses. We want to help them stabilize their business, and also provide tools so they may become more self sufficient. To that end, we will create and provide a cutting edge resource tool (interactive website) for their use.

Rescues: To facilitate rescues working together, and to help the public find them, we’ll start with a comprehensive list of all public & private rescues & sanctuaries in the country.

Service Providers: Vendors and Service Providers will be listed on the website, by state, under categories, such as: Equine Product Suppliers, Veterinarians, Farriers, Hay Growers/Suppliers, Feed Stores, Rendering Facilities, Trainers, Transporters, etc.

Bulletin Board: To help increase exposure for the animals, rescues will have the ability to post horses available for adoption or sponsorship. They can also bring attention to urgent situations requiring immediate action and/or funding.

Funding Resources: NERN will post grant announcements and other funding opportunities and ideas so that equine rescues can diversify their income sources, and increase their financial sustainability.

Education: Educational materials/courses will be provided to rescues for their staff, volunteers, adopters and local community. Information will range from basic horse care and first aid to classes on becoming disaster responders.

Business Development: This section will provide templates that can be used to create budgets, job descriptions, etc. Additionally, sample adoption, foster and volunteer agreements will be provided.

And that’s not all… There will be sections for volunteer requests & offers, potential foster homes, networking opportunities and more. The Resource Network will be a one-stop resource center to address most if not all of a rescue organization’s needs.

The public (and members) will have FREE access to view information. Additional benefits will be available with membership.