16 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

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Wondering which horse breeds are the most expensive ones? This passage would give you a list of the top 16 most expensive horse breeds in the world.

My name is Nancy Darling and I had been dealing with the various horses and horse breeds for nearly ten years. Many people often ask me “which horse breed is the best one?” So I write this passage to share the key information of the most expensive horse breeds with you. And I hope this passage would help you find the horse breeds you favorite.

Different horses have various origins and cultural backgrounds. There are no two horse breeds alike. And they are claimed for totally different prices. Some are ordinary horses with common prices. Some of the horse breeds are quite expensive.

In this way, how can you distinguish whether the horse breeds are affordable and valuable? Are the dear horse breeds worth their price? I hope the following information would help you.

Selle Francais

Selle Francais Horse

Estimated Cost: $15,000 to $50,000

The history of Selle Francais could be traced back to December 1958. At that time, various breeds of half-bred regional horses were collected and named under the same designation of “Selle Francais”, including half-bred Anglo-Norman, Vendéen, and Charolais horses as main saddle horses representatives in France. In this way, we get “Selle Français” today.

With an athletic stature and a steady gait, the Selle Francais horses accept worldwide popularity in the field of jumping, dressage, eventing, and other sports. Besides, the Selle Francais horses are famous for their pleasant disposition with their quiet, energetic, friendly, patient, and competitive personalities.

Featuring large, muscular, and powerful physiques, the Selle Francais horses are best Suited for adult horse owners and riders with some experience in handling larger horses. And as intelligent, Strong, and quick learners, the Selle Francais horses are surely worth your high price.

Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Estimated Cost: $10,000 to $75,000

The ancestor of Dutch Warmblood could be traced back to the Netherlands prior to World War II. Before World War II, two kinds of horse breeds, the Gelderlander and the Groningen, were trained to be used as carriages, draft horses, and in agriculture. Today’s Dutch Warmblood horses evolved from these two native Dutch breeds, along with some imported breeds.

Dutch Warmblood horses are famous for being uncomplicated to handle and ride. Generally speaking, they are known as intelligent, easygoing, and willing to work with their owners. Besides, they are easy to be raised and could survive in various surroundings, including on pleasure rides.


Holsteiner Horse

Estimated Cost: $7,000 to $40,000

The breed of Holsteiner horse could date back to the 1200s in the Schleswig-Holstein province of northern Germany. So it is regarded as one of the oldest Warmblood breeds in Germany. And Germany is known for its high-quality horses.

It is well-known that the features of Holsteiner horse are well-balanced, and elegant in appearance and movement. The characteristics of the Holsteiner horse’s appearance are a pretty horse head, large and kind eyes, a long, arched neck, long, straight legs, and strong feet. Besides, Holsteiner horses had won the Olympic equestrian sports for many times, for Holsteiner breeds are quite fit for horse races.

American Standardbred

American Standardbred Horse

Estimated Cost: $1,000 to $10,000

American standardbred horses were developed in New England in the 1800s by training and mixing various horse breeds together. At that time, the horses trotted, paced, and raced both under saddle and in the harness so as to improve their abilities and choose the best one.

With higher speed and moderate acceleration, American Standardbred horses are also known for the lower health and stamina. Among race horses, American Standardbred horses are identified by their agile frame, powerful limbs, and healthy coat. Besides, people found the black and buckskin coat horses in the wild.

There are two kinds of American standardbred horses: trotters and pacers. And pacers are good at trotting, which enables them flexible horses for show and pleasure riding.

Akhal Teke

Akhal Teke Horse

Estimated Cost: $10,000 to $100,000

The Akhal Teke horses are known as a kind of endangered, ancient breeds with modern versatility. Usually, the Akhal Teke horses could be employed as excellent athletes.

The origin of the Akhal Teke horses could date back to more than 3000 years ago. And the Akhal Teke horses are well-known for their great endurance, personable nature, and unearthly grace, so they have been cherished throughout history.

With perfect appearances, they are easy to attract your attention. Besides, their intelligence, empathy, and fortitude make them superior to other horses. That is why you would never regret having an Akhal Teke horse.


Mustang Horse

Estimated Cost: $1,000 to $8,000

As the symbol of free spirits in the horse world, Mustang horses originated from the Spanish horses which were first brought to America by the Spanish conqueror. Nowadays, the Mustang horses live in Western America.

Generally speaking, the Mustang horses are a kind of light horse with powerful strength and muscular bodies. Besides, they are famous for being very hardy and surefooted with their wild heritage. In this way, for they could handle complex terrains, they are recognized as the most ideal horses for working, as well as offroad racing and trail.


Arabian Horse

Estimated Cost: $10,000 to $200,000

Being recognized as one of the most expensive horse breeds and one of the most admired horse breeds all over the world, the history of the Arabian horses could be traced back to 3000 B.C. Meanwhile, the origin of the Arabian horses is recognized to be hidden in the ancient desert sands, in the vicinity of the Arabian Peninsula.

Besides, The modern Arabian horse breed is acknowledged for its feature of hardiness, which may be a result of the harsh desert climate and terrain where it evolved. Stamina is another feature of Arabian horses, which makes them very superior in endurance sports.

For their combination of great physical qualities with a gentle and willing nature, they are popular as riding and family horses. Their mild temper enables them suitable for all types of riders, from beginners to advanced competitors.


Appaloosa Horse

Estimated Cost: $1,000 to $10,000

The Appaloosa, a popular color horse breed in the United States, is recognized to descend from wild Mustangs in the Nez Percé Indian territory of North America. While the Mustangs descended from the Spanish horses brought in by Spanish explorers.

The Appaloosa horses are famous for their remarkable appearance. The mixture of colors and markings makes each Appaloosa look distinctive. Besides, hardiness and agility are crucial features of Appaloosa horse breeds. And their faithful nature and gentle demeanor make them the best friends of riders.


Friesian Horse

Estimated Cost: $10,000 to $100,000

The origin of Friesian horses could date backs to 500 BC in Europe. In the beginning years, various breeds, such as Arabian horses and Andalusians, had been bred with Friesian horses to enable them the exaggerated movement ability.

Friesian horses, a kind of big warmblood horse, have the muscularity of a light draft horse and the agility and movement of a hot-blooded horse. Registered Friesians must be black with no white markings.

With a rich history as warhorses and workhorses, the Friesian horses have been carefully bred over the past centuries to ensure their purest warmblood and matching black coats.

American Quarter

American Quarter Horse

Estimated Cost: $5,000 to $10,000

The American Quarter is one of the most popular breeds. And it could track its origin to the 1600s and descended from a mixture of Arabian horses and Mustang horses. Meanwhile, the American Quarter is recognized as featuring mild-temper, lots of versatility, beauty, speed, agility, and loyalty.

With the compact, muscular silhouette, the American Quarter horses have been a solid choice for different roles by the steadiness that the American Quarter horses’ appearance expressed. Besides, the American Quarter Horses are known for their sure-footed and agile, even at high speeds.

For being friendly and easy to train, the American Quarter horses are suitable for all levels of riders and owners and could be used as racehorses, working ranch horses, and family pets.


Hanoverian Horse

Estimated Cost: $7,000 to $100,000

The history of the Hanoverian horse can be easily traced back to the 16th century in the State of Lower Saxony in Germany. And they are named after the capital city Hannover of the State of Lower Saxony in Northern Germany. Besides, the Hanoverian horse has been crossed with Thoroughbreds and Holsteiner horses to refine the breed.

The features of the Hanoverian horses are excellent and distinguished. And they are good at learning and communicating with their riders. Furthermore, the appearance of the Hanoverian horses is strictly regulated.

With well-proportioned bodies, the colors of the Hanoverian horses usually are bay, chestnut, black, and grey. With elegance, robustness,, and strong limbs, the Hanoverian horses are characterized by their classic proportion, long ears, and large nostrils. So they are the ideal horse for each competitive rider.


Morgan Horse

Estimated Cost: $3,000 to $10,000

As one of the most expensive American horses, the Morgan Horses have developed from a single stallion in the countryside of New England over 200 years ago. Famous for their popularity, the Morgan horses are recognized for bonding with their owners or handlers.

With exceptional conformation and strength, Morgan horses are intelligent and mild-tempered. And their most common colors are bay, black, and chestnut. Besides, the Morgan horses are featured by deeply muscled bodies and straight and sturdy legs.

Generally speaking, the prices of Morgan horses are various, ranging from about $3,000 to above $10,000. So you may find someone professional to help, when you decide to buy a Morgan horses.


Oldenburg Horse

Estimated Cost: $6,000 to $100,000

The origin of the Oldenburg Horse could traces back to more than 300 years ago from the Friesian horses. Since then, the breed of this species has developed so as to meet the demand of humans throughout various periods.

With large statures, the Oldenburg Horses are famous for their pleasant and attractive personality. And they are easy to work with, mild-tempered, manageable, and intelligent. Since the Oldenburg horses are easy to train and adaptable, they would show excellent performance in races and competitions.

In this way, the Oldenburg Horses are recognized as one of the most expensive racehorses.


Andalusian Horse

Estimated Cost: $15,000 to $50,000

The origin of the Andalusian horses could date back to many thousand years BC with several theories and assumptions. And they descended from Spanish and Portuguese Iberian horses.

With large, sculpted heads, the Andalusian horses usually have bright eyes and kind expressions. And their necks are arched with short-coupled torsos, resting atop muscular and round hindquarters.

As one of the most noblest, affectionate, intelligent, and brave horse breeds, the Andalusian horses are recognized as a favorite to many royalties of medieval times. Although the Andalusian horse breed is widely available, it is well-known for being one of the most expensive horse breeds in the world.

Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Estimated Cost: $5,000 to $30,000

The Gypsy Vanner horse breeds originated from Ireland and could be referred to as the Gypsy Cob or Irish Cob.

With a smaller type, the Gypsy Vanner horse is solid with a lot of stamina. They are much more popular than other breeds for they need less food as well as cost less money than that of the bigger breeds.

With the pleasure nature of athleticism and tranquility, the Gypsy Vanner horse breed is increasingly popular, making it one of the most expensive horse breeds. Besides, Gypsy Vanners are suitable for children, novice, and advanced adult riders due to their calm nature.


Thoroughbred Horse

Estimated Cost: $20,000 to $100,000

The origin of the Thoroughbred horses could be traced back to as early as the 3rd century in England, through the selective breeding of a stock of Arab and Barb horses. Besides, the Thoroughbred horses are famous for their remarkable speed and extraordinary spirits.

In this way, the Thoroughbred horses are well-known as racehorses but also superior in many equine activities. As one of the most popular horse breeds in the world, the Thoroughbred horses are famous for their athleticism and grace, and have been used for racing and other competitive sports.


Why the horse is expensive?

On one hand, buying a horse needs a large amount of money. It is because horses are valuable for they could be used for transport and riding. As a kind of crucial transportation in ancient times, it could be viewed as a symbol of identity. Thus, lots of nobles have been chasing for various horse breeds with high qualities and perfect personalities, which makes the horse price expensive to common people.

On the other hand, the daily care expenses of horses are not affordable to ordinary people. According to various surroundings and environment, the daily care expenses of horses could be pricey and varies. The average cost of owning a horse is $10,000 per year. The majority is used for feeding, some essential treatment, housing and bedding as well, including hoof care, shoeing, and grooming.

How much is the Best Horse?

Different people may have various tastes and opinions on horses. In this way, the best horse breeds may depend on your personal preference and the horses’ purpose. So, it is not easy to define the best horses. But the price of most experienced horses could be above $500,000.

Is it Expensive to Own a Horse?

It is quite expensive to own a horse, for the daily care of horses is quite pricey. The expense of owning a horse includes purchasing ($1,500-50,000) and maintaining ($500-$1,500/month) per horse. In addition, the necessary equipment for riding the horse requires an initial investment of at least $1,000.

What are the Characteristics Valued in Unique Horse Breeds?

Many factors lead to the value of horse breeds. It is not easy to define the specific features of the unique horse breeds. But, there are several characteristics of the unique horse breeds which are commonly recognized.

Firstly, location. Specific unique horse breeds usually have various origin places and historical backgrounds. Secondly, bloodline also defines the feature and character of the horses. Besides, experience, competition, and show performance, training, as well as physical features are all crucial factors that contribute to the value of the unique horse breeds.


These are the top 16 most expensive horse breeds in the world. From the passage, you may find out that these top horse breeds usually have various origins, historical backgrounds, and physical features.

However, some of these horse breeds may have similar personalities, e.g., mild-tempered, intelligent, powerful ,and so on.

If you are eager to know more about the horses, you could read other passages in this website.

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