Why Does a Horse Lie Down

3 Reasons Why Does a Horse Lie Down?

Have you ever seen a horse lie down? There’s a common myth that horses are unable to lie down. But the truth is that they can. Although it is normal for horses to lie down, it is alarming if they do it more often. You may see horses standing most of the time even when … Read more

6 Reasons Why Horses Need Shoes

6 Reasons Why Horses Need Shoes

Have you ever grabbed a horseshoe and carried it? The first factor you’ll notice is how weighty it is! It’s hard to imagine that these objects made of steel are nailed on horses’ hooves, but it’s happening. Several horse breeds may be seen wearing horseshoes throughout the year, and this prompts the obvious question: why … Read more

How Much Does A Horse Cost

How Much Does A Horse Cost?

If you are planning to purchase a horse, your first concern might be the horse price. And you should pay attention to the expense of keeping a horse. While, how much does it cost to buy a horse? And how much does it cost to keep a horse per year? After feeding horses for several … Read more

What is a Roan Horse

What is a Roan Horse?

You may wonder what a roan horse is. In general, “roan” means a mixed colour. A roan horse may have a beautiful coat with white and coloured hairs on its body. As a horse fancier, I am always interested in the different horse colours for nearly 10 years. And I have done lots of research … Read more

Hotblood Warmblood Coldblood Horses

What are Hotblood, Warmblood & Coldblood Horses

As a horse fancier, you may be confused about what are hotblood, warmblood, and coldblood horses. This article would give you the brief introduction and main breeds of these three horse types. Do hot-blooded, warm-blooded, and cold-blooded horses have different blood temperatures? Actually not. In fact, all the horses have the same body temperature of … Read more

What is a Gelding a Mare or a Stallion

What is a Gelding, a Mare, or a Stallion?

Do you want a gelding, a mare, or a stallion? When you are going to purchase your first horse, someone may ask you this question. However, what is a gelding, a mare, or a stallion? Don’t worry. This article would tell you the answers. Generally speaking, a mare is a female horse that could give … Read more

Can Horses Swim

Can Horses Swim? 11 Facts You Need to Know

As we all know, swimming is one of the best exercises to keep fit. You may wonder if horses can swim. The answer is “yes”. Like most mammals, horses could swim naturally. As horse fanciers, we should realize that each horse is a various individual with different preferences. And we should respect our horses like … Read more

How Long Is A Horse Pregnant

How Long Is a Horse Pregnant?

Do you know how long a horse is pregnant? You may say, “Ten to twelve months.” Well, the answer is not that simple. On horse pregnancy, we should consider the breeding, the identification, gestation stages, daily care, delivery, emergency, and so on. As a horse fancier, I have been feeding fourteen adult horses and two … Read more

Horse Colors Markings Patterns

26 Common Horse Colors, Markings & Patterns

Do you know how many colors among horses, especially the number of their markings and patterns? I would like to show you 14 horse colors, 3 horse colors with patterns, and 9 horse markings in this passage. My name is Nancy Darling, and I am interested in horse feeding and horse racing for nearly ten … Read more

Best Horse Quotes

158 Best Horse Quotes in 2022

Are you curious about the specific horse quotes in classics and literature? Check out these 158 best horse quotes to share with your friends. As a horse lover, I had been wondering about the role of horses during the course of history. So I did a lot of research to find out a large number … Read more

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

16 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

Wondering which horse breeds are the most expensive ones? This passage would give you a list of the top 16 most expensive horse breeds in the world. My name is Nancy Darling and I had been dealing with the various horses and horse breeds for nearly ten years. Many people often ask me “which horse … Read more

Horse Dream Meaning

31 Types of Horse Dream Meaning

Are you curious about the meaning of your dreams, especially the meaning of your horse dreams? As horse fanciers, we usually have horse dreams frequently. Various horse dreams may have different dream meanings. Almost every night, we would have dreams unconsciously. Sometimes, you may remember your dreams, but sometimes you might not realize that you … Read more

Female Horse Names

800+ Best Female Horse Names

Wondering how to find the best female horse names? Here is a collection of the best female horse names for you. My name is Nancy Darling. And I had kept eight female horses and six male horses. When I wanted to name my horse, I was quite confused and faced the same problem just like … Read more

Male Horse Names

800+ Best Male Horse Names

Are you still worrying about naming your male horse? Here are hundreds of amazing male horse names you may find. My name is Nancy Darling, a horse breeder. I have owned six magnificent male horses of different breeds. When coming up with names for my male horses, I used to be as confused as you … Read more